Renting Sacred Space at Mothers Trust Ashram

Mothers Trust Temple & Interfaith Hall can seat 100 persons. Suggested Donation $100 for half day, $200 full day. FamiIies, Groups & Individuals are Welcome to visit or Register by phone for Rental Retreats at Mothers Trust Ashram Seven Days a Week.  Contact  (616) 293-6884.       

Mothers Trust Ashram is dedicated to interfaith study and dialogue as a way to promote understanding and peaceful relationships among people of differing beliefs in the  community and in the world. We support people of all faith traditions working together in Service of Humankind, Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit, Yoga, Health and Wellness, Sustainability of the Earth and Respect for all life, Worshiping the Spirit Within and the Divine Power in the world. Mothers Trust Ashram is a Mission Ashram for Modern Mystics With Mission Hearts. ALL who walk through the doors are transformed and enlightened.