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Honor & Explore the meaning of the "Motherhood of God" & its implications for renewed understanding of the "Universal Mother" & how universality & exploration of sacred wisdom of the world's faith traditions can inform contemporary issues & with compassion, meet global issues & human needs. Equality & Respect for women  & men alike. Mothers Trust Ashram recognizes the sacred &  godliness in all & provides sacred space, healing, health, wellness,  yoga,  spiritual home, family community for people of all walks of life  and faiths. Mothers Trust Ashram is for all individuals, Faiths,  Cultures & Traditions Exploring the Wonders of the Spirit.

Developing our spiritual community and outreach  program known as the Mothers Trust Ashram,, Lakeshore Interfaith Community dedicated to interfaith study and dialogue as one of the many important ways of promoting understanding, respect, compassionate  forgiveness and peaceful relationships among people of differing beliefs in the community and in the world, for the sustainability of the earth  and the healing of all living beings and relationships. Interfaith  honors differences, and the common ground of human dignity and Spirit. 

Developing our network serving women, children, teens and infants we provide information on support services for establishing independant living situations and resources within the  community. Every woman who heals herself, heals others who came before  her and those who will come after. With Women in Transition Holland and Sylvia's Place Allegan established, Mothers Trust remains an ashram for  individuals exploring the wonders of the spirit to create healthy generations, wellness and love. Please view and take training as "legal  advocates". 

Developing our compassionate interfaith health-caring community, honoring the wisdom of the world's traditions, while serving in healthcare respecting the individual's dignity,  religion and culture, family and home. We are equally committed in  preparing caregivers, whether clergy, physicians, nurses or lay persons, so that they are both clinically competent and spiritually informed of the needs of each individual, their culture, faiths and traditions.Mothers Trust Mission Health and Human Services, is an All Faiths  Spiritual Center Ashram with "Mission Hearts" to the Sacred Spirit within all. Modern Mystics with Mission Hearts serving Divinity.  

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